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Top Ten Scariest Types Of People

Different kinds of people run this world. Arguing this case on any moral ground would, and has, stymied many individual when it comes to the necessity of who is allowed to remain as part of a society and who should just be tossed to the wolves. In the end humanity often recognizes its own out of necessity and attempts to somehow remedy its own mistakes and character flaws in order to justify the purpose of human existence. In other words, human beings use punishment and reluctant acceptance of their most flawed individuals to remind themselves that being human means being imperfect. With that said, her are the top ten scariest types of people ever to be produced by mankind.

10. Sexists

Despite not being the absolute bane of mankind or even society, sexists are often likened to a particularly annoying pest that just won’t go away and will not sit still no matter how much appeasement they are given. A sexist will hold ideas and beliefs about the opposite sex without having any well-grounded ideas or beliefs that would perhaps justify their attitude. The line of thinking that the opposite sex is worthless and somehow lesser than the sex of the person with such an attitude is not only harmful to society overall but can paint the sexist as a rather biased and even socially aggressive individual. While sexism is usually attributed to the behavior of men towards women, it is well known that such an attitude can swing both ways.

9. Cannibals

It is somewhat odd and even stomach-churning that some humans could look at another human and think only of a meal. Cannibals are perhaps one of the most difficult yet simple to understand individuals throughout all of humanity. They desire human flesh, so they eat whomever they choose. There is no compunction about this, and no more guilt or remorse than an average individual devouring a hamburger from a fast food chain. While the mere words ‘cannibal’ might bring to mind the friendly yet psychotic visage of Anthony Hopkins in “Silence of The Lambs”, many others would think of the disturbed visage of noted murderer and cannibal, Jeffrey Dahmer. In any case, cannibalism is without a doubt a rather undesirable trait in anyone.


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