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Top Ten Most Dangerous Female Gangster In The World

Crime can be likely related with mobster and gangster, but when people talks about gang leader, what comes to mind are nasty looking men. When wives and mothers are arrested for mob activity people tend to wonder. However, these women is a living prove that also women gangsters can work like men mobsters and they can earn money as much as they need. Most of them work in drug trafficking organization which includes several different kinds of crimes.Never you under estimate female mobsters because they are not afraid of breaking law and even killing anyone. Checkout the list

10 Raffaella D’Alterio

Better known as The Big Kitten and she is Mafia godmother of Italy. She is nicknamed Miciona, and belongs to Camorra family. Her husband was Nicolo Pianese who was killed in 2006 with bullets and his wife became boss Camorra boss of Nepal. In 2006, Raffaella was arrested during raids at dawn by officers. She was charged of extortion for dealing drug and robbery on the arrest. This gang earns over $200 million per year in money trafficking robbery, drug dealing, money laundering and possession of illegal arms.

9. Rosetta Cutolo

This is an old sister of Raffaele Cutolo crime boss, who was former head of Nuova Camorra organization. She is well known as Ice Eyes and was born in 1937. Her brother was working behind bars and her brother and she mostly had arguments over his love of attention, however, she preferred keeping his low profile. This gang worked with South Africa Sicilian mafia and cocaine dealers; also she was magnificent at negotiating. In 1993, she got arrested and acquitted on nine charges for murder


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