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Top Ten Biggest Betrayals Of All Time

Nobody wants to be betrayed by anyone; especially when that individual is a trusted confident or a person that is loved. In history, there have been plenty of the greatest religious, political, military and social figures that have been betrayed by someone important to them. The following list will highlight some of the biggest  in history and how their deception has impacted the lives of people all around them.

10. Paul Cole

When armies go to war the last thing they want to deal with is a traitor. During World War II a man by the name of Paul Cole was an important military figure who played a role with the French Resistance. However, he betrayed the French and the Allied forces by selling their secrets to the Gestapo.

He gave away important military information and plans that gave the Germans and their allies the advantage. Many people lost their lives because of this betrayal. The French and Allied forces put out a manhunt against Cole and when they found him in 1946 he was killed by the police.

9. Alfred Redl

Alfred Redl was another person that caused over 500,000 people to die during World War I because of his deceptive practices. Redl was an Austrian officer who decided to work for a Russian spy. He was in a key position to leak top secret plans about Austria’s military activities to the Russians. He gave up some vital information about his nation’s plans with invading Serbia. Redl took his life when the Austrian forces discovered that he had betrayed them.


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