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Top 10 Worst Plastic Surgery in The World

Many celebrities wind up looking like a different person when they have surgery done. This is not such a good thing when you are in a business that uses your face as your calling card. Most of these celebrities are trying to hold off old age. Some are only marginally successful.

Below Are Top 10 Worst Examples of Plastic Surgery

10. Hang Mioku

This South Korean celebrity became famous because of the damage she did to her face and neck because of plastic surgery. She found herself unable to afford any more plastic surgery, so she took to injecting herself with cooking oil. Eventually, her head and neck became huge and made it difficult for her to live. Kind people contributed for her to have surgery to improve her appearance. While she does not look recovered, she now has a normal sized neck and head. The surgeons removed 60g of extra compounds from her face and 200g from her neck. She continues under treatment.

9. Joyce Wildenstein

Joyce began to use plastic surgery when her first husband left her for someone else. Her attempts to get him to return to her and her two children failed, but she kept up the plastic surgery with terrible results. She now has trout lips that are stretched into a permanent smile. She nose has been trimmed and her eyes now look like they are pointy. Her face looks so much like a cat, she has been given the nickname of “The Cat Lady.” Recently, she was in the news about a fight with her second husband, a rich art collector. Hopefully, she is done with plastic surgery.


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