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Top 10 Spookiest Castle in the UK

1. Bolsover Castle, Derbyshire 

Built on an historical burial floor and overlooking a town as soon as defined as “the satanic capital of Britain” – Bolsover Castle has earned the title of the nation’s scariest citadel. it was found in the 11th century but largely overlooked from the 14th century until sir Charles Cavendish decided to construct ‘Little Castle’ on the site in 1612.

The 17th century aristocratic retreat has long had a haunting reputation for the unexplained. Workers have mentioned hearing mysterious footsteps and muffled voices, as well as skilled slamming doors, cold sensations and even being driven.

Workmen were left terrified after they noticed a lady disappear through a wall, while a little boy has been seen conserving the palms of visitors as they walk about the site, his living partners unaware that he is at their site. While locking up late one night, one member of the workers heard a scream which were  louder and louder as she walked far from the castle, only for her to rush again and locate no one there.

Night security guards have also said unexplained lighting fixtures and movement inside the empty assets, once they patrol the building when it has already been locked up for the day.


  1. Kenilworth Castle, Warwickshire

A red-brick medieval fortress, Kenilworth Castle was converted into an Elizabethan palace in 1563 after it was granted to Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester and favourite of Elizabeth I. It was first constructed in the 1120s and has been a royal castle throughout most of its history.

Staff have mentioned seeing numerous ghostly figures at this 900-year-old site including a young boy jogging across the top of the stables where the hayloft would have been and a mysterious disappearing woman. The distinct scent of pipe smoke has often been smelt in doorways around the castle and the antique cot in one of the bedroom has been seen rocking by itself. Workers have also claimed to have heard steps walking down the wooden staircase however when they checked nobody is there.

Then patrolling the grounds one evening a night watchman claimed he witnessed a ghostly figure walk straight through his colleague, who went cold as it happened. Once closed the gatehouse has been a site for more chilling events – with workers reporting things missing or moved.


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