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Burglar meets the most “terrifying” Guard Dog ever!

Never think being a burglar is an easy job, you probably did not meet this “world’s scariest dog”.

This burglar probably did not see the sign “Beware of the dog”, if he did he would certainly stay out of this yard somewhere in South Africa.

He was caught on CCTV as he skulks around the back of a property, the purple-clad criminal is startled by what you’d think would be the booming bark of a German shepherd or rottweiler. This tiny terrier managed to chase away the burglar, and how fast he turned his back around and started running and jumping over the fence, it was just hilarious. This dog showed us that size really does not matter.

Sadly four days later he was caught trying to rob another house, and he explained to the police that he has a fear of dogs.


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