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30 Inventions From Marvel Fans Wish They Could Own


In African culture, Kimoyo beads are a common sight, used to show their heritage. In Wakanda, a country a century ahead of the rest of the world, they have a much different importance. The Black Panther movie showcases how these beads are used for a variety of things. They can be holographic communicators or beacons to locate people. Some warriors can turn them into mini-bombs or other devices. T’Challa himself is able to use them to form the nanotechnology to let his Panther suit flow over him in seconds. A single bead has more memory than a dozen computers, able to contain everything from a full medical history to accessing the Wakanda-only Internet which makes the fastest Wi-Fi on the planet feel like dial-up. It shows how Wakanda takes for granted technologies most of us will give an arm for.


It’s long been established that the Marvel Universe is only one of countless alternate realities. Specifically, the mainstream Marvel Universe is called Earth-616 with the movie world called Earth-19999. Some alternate Earths have their own titles like the Ultimate line and Spider-Gwen (where Gwen Stacy was bitten by that radioactive spider). Reed Richards has long been intrigued by these and built a “Bridge,” a device that allows him to observe these other universes. It can also be used to connect him to a few, leading to things like the “Council of Reeds,” a collection of Reeds from across realities.

To say this would be a must-have for people is an understatement. Historians and political junkies will want to see realities where history took a different turn. Sports folks will want to see worlds where, say, the Buffalo Bills won four straight Super Bowls or the Red Sox never sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees. And many might just want to see how their own lives are different in other realities. “What if” is a question everyone has and this bridge can let them answer it.


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