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30 Inventions From Marvel Fans Wish They Could Own


Hank Pym gets a bad rep due to some rather rough personal issues and an infamous breakdown. There was also that whole bit of creating Ultron who’s nearly wiped out mankind several times. But Hank deserves credit for creating Pym Particles, the energy source that allows him and the Wasp to shrink and grow in size. Hank doesn’t just use it on himself as he can use the same particles to shrink down most anything he needs from a weapon to a full-sized aircraft.

The movies expertly show how great they can be in letting stuff grow and shrink. Who wouldn’t want to get down to a few inches to navigate rush hour traffic then pop into a parking space at full size?


A question for newbies to Marvel is about the outfits of some characters. How do Reed Richard’s clothes stretch with him? Why isn’t the Invisible Woman running around with her outfits standing alone? Or the Human Torch’s clothes not catching fire with him? The answer is unstable molecules.

Invented by Reed Richards, these allow super-hero outfits to be able to work with powers and take damage. Reed has shared it with other teams like the Avengers and the X-Men. More than a few folks would want such an item themselves: clothing that can fit no matter your shape or take a lot of punishment on the job.


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