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25 Of The Strangest Places In The World To Tie The Knot

One of the biggest reasons for the increase in offbeat weddings is because they’re using their own funds for the big day.

Everyone wants their wedding to be memorable. Whether you are a traditionalist who wants a church wedding followed by a banquet hall dinner, or you’re someone who wants to pay tribute to your family, how you met, or a mutual hobby, there are many different ways you can plan your special day to make it uniquely your own.

Editor of TheKnot.com Anja Winikka says, “People don’t want their big day to be cookie-cutter. First, the crazy new thing was destination weddings (which now represent around 20 percent of all wedding ceremonies) and now, just in the past five years, we’re noticing many more couples seeking unusual settings, from treetops to airplane hangars. For many couples, I think, it’s the weirder the better.”

Maybe reality TV Shows like Four Weddings and our increasing obsession with Pinterest and Instagram have us digging deeper to create something truly unique. However, Winikka believes that one of the biggest reasons behind the increase in offbeat weddings is the age at which many are marrying, meaning they’re using their own funds for the big event and can do what they want, without the same pressure from parents holding the matrimonial purse strings. Here are 25 highly unusual places you can tie the knot and celebrate your love at the beat of your own drum.


Looking for a value meal priced wedding? Look no further than your Taco Bell who is now officially in the business of hosting weddings. Beginning in the summer of 2017 you can say ‘I Do’ at the flagship Las Vegas strip Taco Bell. You can host up to 15 guests and enjoy a branded garter, bow tie, and a bouquet of hot sauce packets. Guests can share a 12 pack of tacos, while you cut the Cinnabon Wedding Cake. The entire package costs around $600 USD, and both the bride and groom will also get Taco Bell T-shirts to remember the day.


Thrill seekers are able to get married at a couple of different amusement parks in the US. Each year a few lucky couples board the Coney Island Cyclone and get married on the ride, with the ceremony usually taking place at the platform of the ride, and the wedding party jumping into the 12 cars after the first kiss, to scream in style. Those who want to wed in Ohio can visit Cedar Point Amusement Park where you can get married on The Millennium Force Coaster. Bride Angie Brashares joked of her coaster wedding, “I finally got him to marry me, so I was going to do whatever he wanted. He wanted to do the coaster, and I went along for the ride.”


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