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25 Female Celebs Who Did A Total 180 After Breaking Up With Their Partners


Kristen Stewart’s 180 transformation following her heartbreaking split with Robert Pattinson is undeniable. They were every teenager’s dream couple after they dated while starring in the Twilight saga together. Still, after they broke up (thanks to Stewart being caught making out with another guy), it might be safe to say Stewart went through some self-healing and transformed herself. After all, there are few things that are more therapeutic than a good old transformation. Stewart seemed to prove that when she traded in her long, brunette hair, for short, platinum blonde hair. And she actually saved it at one point! She literally looks like a different person. Or, at least her own twin. Either way, it’s certainly a win for her.

As for the platinum color, Stewart’s colorist was gracious enough to share her celebrity secrets with the general public. It turns out, Stewart’s shorter haircut was a strategic one.

One thing her colorist also pointed out was that Stewart is still hanging on to her dark eyebrows. She might not be a girly girl, but even she knows it’s a fashion sin to try to dye your eyebrows blonde to match your hair. We can’t help but wonder what Pattinson thinks about Stewart’s new ‘do because it’s definitely not a don’t, by any means.


The Devil Wears Prada movie isn’t the only time Anne Hathaway did a literal 180. Yes, we’re familiar with her character, Andy, who looked homely, to say the least, before she started working at the fictional couture, Runway magazine in the movie. Still, by the end of it, she was rocking Chanel and actually knew how to spell Gabbana of Dolce and Gabbana.

While her transformation after her breakup with Raffaello Follieri, who turned out to be a con artist, wasn’t as dramatic, it still turned heads without question. She started to embrace even more fashionable wardrobe choices and opted for couture gowns more often than not.

Plus, that super short haircut might have been shocking but it was also amazingly beautiful. While her ex was rocking an orange jumpsuit at a federal prison in Pennsylvania before he was deported back to Italy, Hathaway’s transformation was getting the attention of her now husband, actor and producer, Adam Shulman. The two tied the knot in 2012, four years after her ex went to jail. Fans might remember that he was charged with 14 counts of conspiracy, money-laundering, and wire fraud. Hathaway called it quits just before he went to prison. Interestingly enough, she must have also called a new stylist because homegirl certainly upgraded her look after that split.


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