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15 Long-Legged Celebs Who Clearly Don’t Care How Short Their Man Is


Model and television personality Chrissy Teigen is undeniably beautiful, and she is a tall drink of water too. Her handsome and talented hubby, musician John Legend is quite the looker too, and while he is not the shortest guy we have ever seen, she still has to look up to his wonderful wife and mother to his babies (she recently gave birth to her second child, a boy). But if anyone is cool and confident enough to be the shorty in the relationship, it is the legendary Legend.

He has no qualms about being with his tall and quirky queen. She is funny, fierce, fun-loving, and fabulous. Any red-blooded guy would feel blessed to be with such a beauty, and Legend knows he hit the jackpot when she said, “I do.”

Teigen and Legend make a great pair and lots of people love to keep up with whatever they’ve got going on. They are followed by thousands of people on social media and their fanbase is always growing. Both are fantastic, and they make a cool couple. Teigen may be the tall one of the two, especially in heels, but Legend is lucky to have this stunner by his side and along for the ride.


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