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15 Long-Legged Celebs Who Clearly Don’t Care How Short Their Man Is


Saturday Night Live alum Tina Fey is known for her top-notch comedic chops and hilarious and spot-on on-screen talent. She is not only very funny, but she is quite attractive too. And who knew her husband Jeff Richmond was such a shorty, particularly when he is side-by-side with his wonderful and witty wife? But Fey seems to be just fine with being with a short-statured significant other. Being tall is not all that it is cracked up to be. For instance, Richmond will never hit his head on a light fixture or have trouble walking through a low doorway. Fey may have to be the one to reach the canned goods on the highest supermarket shelf, but relationships are a balancing act. He can crouch down to find the dog’s toys under the couch, and it is a win-win.

All kidding aside, it is evident that height plays no role in the love these two have for each other. Since Fey is such a funny gal, their relationship must be full of laughs and loads of fun.

And not everyone thinks tall guys are so hot anyway. Fey may have a thing for petite fellas, and Richmond may love being the little guy in the relationship. Hey, whatever works!


The blonde and beautiful model, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is so drop-dead gorgeous, it ought to be outlawed. But her main man, Jason Statham, has no problem whatsoever with being with such a hottie, since he is so cool, confident, and has lots of charisma. He must not even mind that his lovely lady is a few inches taller than he is too. Most models we see are blessed with a tall stature, so he knew that he would d be the shorter partner in this rock-solid romantic relationship.

And why should Statham mind being the “mini” to her marvelous anyway? Any guy would be over-the-moon to be with a model, especially one as wonderful as the hot Huntington-Whiteley. She is simply stunning and seems to be sophisticated, and guys go gaga over the long legged lady. And she must be in awe of her talented man. He is a great actor and he is super handsome too. This couple is sizzling, and they seem to have off-the-charts chemistry. They have been together for many years and they will surely keep things hot as they grow older together. She may be the tall one, but he is the lucky one to be her main squeeze.


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