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10 Wireless Tech Accessories That Make Our Lives Easier And 10 That Are Pointless


Sonos does a great job telling us why a wireless speaker is superior to a Bluetooth speaker. A Sonos wireless speaker allows a user to play different songs in different rooms, at the same time, while Bluetooth does not. Unlike Bluetooth, one can control music all over the house from any room, and the party goes on even if you and your phone step out of the house.

If you are keen on audio quality, you will also notice that the Sonos wireless speaker delivers the purest most uncompressed audio possible, while Bluetooth can’t. There’s one problem though, this speaker can’t take your music to the park or beach. That is when you carry your Bluetooth speakers.


The whole idea for a mailbox alarm is to prevent time wastage walking to an empty mailbox. Whenever something is delivered, an alarm will be triggered, giving you a real reason to walk up to the mailbox. While the idea behind the accessory is noble-useful for the elderly and people with limited mobility, having an invisible mailbox, expecting delivery of something valuable, irregular mail delivery time, and poor weather, we can think of a ton of other options that eliminate the need for this device.

Elderly people are usually encouraged to exercise to prevent diseases like arthritis or deal with it as part of the physiotherapy process. Additionally, they mostly have caregivers who can walk up to the mailbox. Alternatively, anything special can be delivered at the doorstep.


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