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10 Top Reasons Why People Become Terrorists

Criminal activities have been experienced everywhere. Innocent people are the most affected. Criminal shed blood of low class people that have no one to fight for them. What remains in our minds after such incidents is why people are engaging in such awful activities. This article has garnered enough reasons that will help you understand why some things happen around us. Study these reasons in list provided below.

10 Reasons Why People Become Terrorists

10. Identity search

Identity Search is a good reason that explains clearly, why people become terrorists. Some young people tend to think that if they convert to terrorism many people will recognize them worldwide. Research that was conducted in United States of America showed that many people joined an illegal terrorist team with an aim of seeking identity. United States institute conducted this research in 2010. Terrorists of this dangerous team are vulnerable people and are towards proving themselves to the society.

9. Looking for thrill


This is another good reason as to why people convert to terrorists teams. They always tend to think that being a criminal is a thrilling and entertainment experience. What they do not know is that their dignity and trust is lowered in a great way. In most news released to world today, teenagers are common criminals that shoot innocent people. It is so sad to learn that they are unaware of what their actions. Later on, you will find some of them realizing themselves but unable to exclude themselves from bad groups because of peer pressure.


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