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10 Interesting Viking Rituals

2. Toddler Rituals

When a child was born, a few rituals have been wanted for the toddler to be thought-about an actual particular person. Earlier than this, the infant was not thought-about a human but, in all probability as a means for folks to guard themselves emotionally as toddler mortality was so excessive.

When the infant was born, he was positioned on the bottom till the daddy picked up the kid and positioned him inside the daddy’s coat. This symbolized that the daddy accepted that the infant was his youngster.

He would then examine the kid. If the infant had any issues, he could be left uncovered to die. If he was wholesome, they might carry out a ceremony referred to as ausa vatni by which they sprinkled water over the infant.

At this level, the kid could be named in a ceremony referred to as nafnfesti. For this, the daddy would state the kid’s title and provides him a present. The presents often consisted of issues comparable to a hoop, weapon, or a farm or land deed. After this, the kid might not be topic to publicity as it will then be thought-about homicide.

1. The Blood Eagle

Popularized by the TV present Vikings, this gory methodology of execution was probably dedicated in actual life, too. The blood eagle consisted of the sufferer being positioned facedown and restrained. An eagle was carved into his again, after which the ribs have been severed from the backbone with an axe.

The ribs and the pores and skin round them have been pulled outward to signify the wings of the eagle. Subsequent, salt was rubbed into the wound. (The sufferer was nonetheless alive at this level.) Then the lungs have been pulled out of the physique and stretched throughout the ribs.

Because the sufferer died, the lungs have been fluttering within the wind, paying homage to a fowl’s wings. That is purportedly the tactic used to kill King Aella of Northumbria in AD 867.


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