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10 Celebs Who Are Close To Their Kids And 10 Who Barely See Them

Here are 10 celebs who are involved in their kids’ lives, and 10 who just never seem to stick around in order to parent their kids.

Being a parent in this day and age is definitely no easy task. And if you had two parents who worked full-time, you probably remember that when they were really busy, it could be difficult to squeeze in a lot of family time. Yup, it seems like everyone’s schedules these days are crazier than ever—everyone always has a million things on their to do lists! But the truth is that good parents will always find a way to spend a little extra time with their kids. Even if those parents happen to be celebrities! Yup, there are some famous families that seem super close, despite the fact that the parents are always flying around the world to one movie set or another.

However, sometimes you find out that a certain celebrity has a kid, and you find yourself thinking, “Seriously?” Now, some celebs just make an effort to keep their kid out of the spotlight for privacy reasons, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. There are some celebs who just never seem to stick around in order to parent their kids. Here are 10 celeb parents who are super close with their kids, and 10 who barely see them.


Drew Barrymore is no stranger to growing up in the spotlight—after all, she has been famous since she was a little girl. According to Hello Magazine, Drew is a member of the famous “Barrymore” family—in other words, her family has been well-known and wealthy in the entertainment industry for a few generations now. She made a name for herself as a child actress by appearing in blockbuster classic films like E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial.

Perhaps Drew is so close to her own children because she had a troubled childhood, and does not want them to go through the same thing.

According to People magazine, she married art consultant Will Kopelman in 2012, and together, they have two daughters, Olivia and Frankie. In 2016, People later reported that the couple was getting a divorce. However, Drew still puts family first, despite all of the obstacles. According to Forward, Drew says that she does her best every day to inspire her daughters to follow their dreams. She enjoys taking them to sets with her so they can see what she does on a day to day basis, and still get to enjoy plenty of time with her despite her crazy schedule.


Here’s the thing—you might be surprised to hear that Pauly D from the hit reality TV show Jersey Shore really does love being a father. But according to MTV, he says that his daughter, Amabella, is the light of his life. And in fact, People even reported that Pauly has called Amabella his little mini-me! However, he does not see her very often, which is unfortunate. This is because Pauly is no longer dating Amabella’s mother. They split a few years ago, and Amabella’s mother has full custody. This arrangement just makes sense—after all, when Pauly is not filming the reboot of Jersey Shore or appearing on other reality shows, he is traveling around doing shows as a DJ.

It’s definitely sad that Pauly barely ever gets to see his daughter. However, you can’t just “have it all”—if he wants to continue with his current career and lifestyle, there are going to be trade-offs, and he may not be able to see his daughter as often as he likes. Perhaps in the future, when he is done doing the press rounds for the new season of Jersey Shore, he will get to spend some more time with her.


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